Timeline of Achievements

200X - 20XX: LAN Party Organizer

For 4-5 years, organized exciting LAN parties in Kristiansund, fostering a vibrant gaming community.

20XX - 20XX: University of Bergen - Computer Science

Pursued a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (BAMN-DTEK) at the University of Bergen.

20XX - 20XX: JavaZone Volunteer

Dedicated two years volunteering at the renowned Java-conference, JavaZone, gaining valuable insights into the world of Java development.

20XX - 20XX: Startup Experience - Sponsor1

Joined a small startup with a mission to enable wealth redistribution among small sports and volunteer-based organizations.

Gained hands-on experience in dev-ops, version control, and PHP/CodeIgniter development.

Developed a user-friendly login/control panel system for users of the platform.

2017 - 20XX: Develo 1881 (Later Idium) - Developer

Hired by Develo 1881, a growing Web Development and Design Agency.

Achieved the distinction of Employee of the Year in 2018.

Led multiple UmbracoCMS projects and contributed significantly to the agency's success.

Witnessed the merger of Develo and Idium, continuing to thrive under the new name Idium.

2020 - Present: Widerøe - Developer (/Tech Advocate?)

Joined Widerøe and became a vocal advocate for new technologies like dotnet core and React.

Shared knowledge and expertise with colleagues, contributing to a dynamic tech environment.

2022: Successful Hackathon Organizer

Organized a highly successful hackathon that involved the majority of the developer community in Widerøe.

Witnessed the birth of projects that have shaped the Widerøe's current development plans.

In Spare Time: Passionate Developer and Contributor

Actively develop numerous hobby projects.

Maintain and release addons for World of Warcraft.

Created a visualization system for a local shooting range's tournament scores.

Enjoy motorcycling.

Esport Organization

Proudly running a successful online esports organization for the past 3 years.

Boasts around 30 members from across Europe.

Offers unique insights into managing cooperation across different cultures and values.